Approving a page in CourseLeaf CAT

Notification of a page to review

Upon notification of a page to review, you can either approve it or roll it back if more edits are needed.

Approving a page

The Page Approval window has three main sections:

Pages pending approval (upper left)

Use this list to select the page desired to review. The page selected will appear in the Page Review window.

  • Click the Your Role drop down to select the role you wish to view. When a role is selected, the Pages Pending Approval list will be populated with pages that require review, editing, or approval from the selected role.

  • Click Refresh List to see if new pages have been added since last visited or if the list doesn't contain an expected page.

Page info/status (upper right)

Review basic page information and the workflow status of the selected page here. Click the various tabs to view different reports. Click Workflow Status to review and update workflow progress (See instruction below).

Page review (bottom)

Review the selected page here, then approve it, edit it, or send it back to a previous editor in the workflow. Review changes made by various editors in the workflow by clicking the View Changes By drop down and selecting the editor to review.

Reviewing a page

Review content in the Page Review window

  • View changes made: Click the View Changes by drop down menu and select an editor whose changes you wish to review.

    • The selected editor's changes are shown in red and green: red for deleted text, green for new text.

    • Remember that any number of page editors can be in a workflow. Each editor reviews or edits content sent from the editor directly before them in the queue. The changes seen here are changes the selected author made compared to the document they received.

  • Hide Changes: View the document without color coding or markup.

Choose an action

Choose an action on the page. One of four actions may be taken after reviewing the page. To edit, rollback, or approve the page, click the appropriate button in the upper right of the Page Review window. The page may also be left alone and returned to later.

  • Edit the page: Click Edit to make changes to the page. This will produce a tool bar at the top of the Page Review window. Visit the Page Body or Set Up/Title instructions for how to make the desired edits. After editing the page, approve the page to send it to the next step in the workflow.

  • Rollback the page: Click Roll Back to send the page back to a previous editor. A prompt will appear to make comments about why the page is being rolled back. Make comments in the space provided and click Rollback in the new window.

  • Approve: Click Approve to send the page on to the next step in the workflow.

  • Leave the page for another time: The page may be left for another time. Select another page to review, or click Logout.

When rolling back a page

When rolling back a page, be sure to add specific comments so the editor knows exactly what edits need to be made. Once the changes have been made, you will receive notification again to approve the page.

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