Applying for graduation (for students)

Accessing the online graduation application

Navigate to the Student tab in Gibson and identify the Apply to Graduate section. You’ll find it just before the end of the page and just before “My Schedule & Grades.”  

Click the Online Graduation Application for Degree link. 

If you don’t see the link, contact your academic advisor.

Click the green Start Now button.

Select graduation term and program

Select your Graduation Term and select the Program. If you’re completing two degrees and/or a certificate, you’ll need to submit separate applications for each.

Confirm by clicking the checkbox and click the Submit button.

Diploma name and shipping address

Enter your diploma name and shipping address.

Double check that your country and state/province are matching with your zip code. Small errors can cause significant delays.

Be sure to confirm your diploma name by checking the box indicating so.

Graduate students questions

Graduate students only will see a selection of questions based on their program.

Previously earned degrees is an optional field; if you select “yes” in response to the thesis question, you must enter the name of your thesis.

Submit the application

The confirmation screen will show you the data you have entered on the previous page(s). Click the Submit button.

Review the information to ensure you have not made any accidental errors before submitting.

  • You must click “submit” or your application will not be complete and your advisor will not be able to continue the process of preparing your record for graduation.

  • You will receive an email confirming the information once you submit.

  • Your advisor will receive an email confirming as well.

  • You may return to the link in your portal at any time to update your diploma mailing address.

If you have any questions regarding your application, please reach out to the Office of the Registrar or your advisor.