Understanding the CIM Miscellaneous Request Management form

The new, changed, and inactivated academic policy approval process includes several steps and points of review and are managed through our CIM Miscellaneous Requests Management system.


CIM is the Curriculum Inventory Management system where programs and courses are created, revised and submitted for approval. 

The system was implemented in Spring 2023 and was adopted by the university in the 2023-2024 academic year across Tulane’s undergraduate and graduate programs in order to ensure governance and assessment best practices are followed. ​

The system is designed to

  • track processes efficiently and accurately ​

  • generate workflows and automated notifications ​

  • promote process consistency  ​

  • house all course and program information ​

  • house curriculum reporting tool​

  • provide accountability and transparency in the development and approval of curriculum, both internally and externally 

CIM System Overview

  • Centralized forms, with cascading customization based on system ​

  • Customized & Dynamic Workflows (example below)​ 

Logging in

  1. Go to correct URL for ​​

    1. https://nextcatalog.tulane.edu/miscadmin/

  2. Log in using your Tulane username and password​

    1. If you are unable to access the site, submit a Registrar Support Form, available on our website, to request access: https://registrar.tulane.edu/  ​

  3. Logout: Close your browser. Remember to save your work or start workflow​

Curriculum Inventory Management

The Miscellaneous Request Management home screen where you can search for a miscellaneous items that are neither courses nor academic programs such as academic policies, use quick searches drop down to only search for key words related to the miscellaneous item.

Workflow will be customized as needed. ​

Miscellaneous forms naming protocol

In the MISC ADMIN form, Please name the proposal with this naming protocol as follows: [proposal date_school name_policy name_proposed action] e.g. "2023-8-24_Discontinuation Proposal_School of Underwater Basket Weaving_Full Time Enrollment Policy"